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you wish: turn back time

if you could turn back time, what will you change first ?

"i wish i could turn back time and change the past".

if you indeed have a power to change the past, what kind of event you want to change?
if 5 years ago, you've known what you know today, how would things be different ?

we heard these statements so many times.

"i wish i knew that earlier !"

"i iwsh i can turn back the clock and change everything !"

what are you gonna do, if you're really able to turn back time at your fingertips ?
if time machine really exist here, now, and you can go back there whenever you want ?

if you have the ability to change the past, what kind of past events you want to change ?

maybe you'll vow yourself not to make this and that silly mistakes, or miss an oppurtunity.

maybe you want to avoid that particular failing relationship.

maybe you want to avoid negative people who had consumed your life. or abusive partner
you'll run from them earlier, as far as you can.

or maybe,
you'll want to straighten things out and cut the learning curve process to your goal.
just so it doesn't take so long for a success.


Updated on; 29/12/2014, Monday 9:59pm Johor Bahru Malaysia

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