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•life is not a problem to be solved. but a reality to be experienced •

•put your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts. this is the secret of success•

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it's never an easy ride
has never been
will never be
i've said that before
i told you that before

whether it's personal
whether it's work
whether it's relationship / love
all those are wrapped under one thing
one thing that we called LIFE

Allah tak pernah menjanjikan kesenangan kepada semua hambanya
hidup tanpa dugaan . hidup tanpa liku
apalah maknanya hidup tanpa semua itu
bukanlah hidup kalau semuanya terlalu mudah untuk kita

but just remember
whatever happens
whenever life knocks you down
whatever pulls you away from a happiness that creates a smile on your face
just stay strong 

stay . strong

Updated on; 28/12/2014, Sunday 5:40pm Johor Bahru Malaysia

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