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part 1 of separation & sacrifice

salam alaykum and hello fellow readers.

i dont know and i didnt know how to describe what i'm feels right now. it's just too hard yaw huhuhuhu okay please give me a time to take a deep breath and exhale.

okay im done lol.

first of all. im going to further studies at Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka on this 7th of June 2016. im suprised when that time i knew tht i've been offered to continue my study at KMM. my parents were so happy. i can see their happiness. bila teringat balik waktu dapat result spm dulu, aku dah kecewakan diorang because its beyond our expectation. dengan result yang tak memberangsangkan untuk sambung belajar tu macam no confident at all. tapi aku letak semuanya to Him. and praise be to Allah, Dia dengar doa aku / ibu ayah / sahabat / and sesiapa sahaja yg mendoakan aku, dengan izinNya, aku dapat sambung belajar. really suprised. pepagi check phone dengan tiada sebarang harapan pun, tahu tahu je dapat KMM. excited sangat masatu huhuhu. alhamdulillah. but still, kawan kawan yang selalu dengan aku dapat form 6 tapi syukurla sebab masih dapat belajar lagi.

....to be continued....

No need to say goodbye .